For the refund of the packaging of the products purchased in our ONLINE store, fill in the following form here.


1. € 0,50 per container in good condition will be paid. Once the containers arrive at our recycling facilities and have passed prior checking of their condition, we will proceed to reimburse € 0.50 per unit. The refund will be effective within 5 days of receiving the containers at our facilities. Click here to see payment method.

2. You must notify the collection of containers once you have at least 4 units through the attached questionnaire.

3. The container must be returned in optimal conditions (without bumps or scratches) in a closed bag or box.

4. Containers that arrive in poor condition will not be credited. We recommend that these containers be deposited in the yellow recycling container on your street or neighborhood.

5. In no case should the customer return the merchandise to RRR’Biocosmetics by their own means. RRR’Biocosmetics will not pay for any container if the customer returns it by their own means.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the process, send us an email to





    Yes, I request a refund* (€)Yes, I request a refund with a discount coupon**

    *Refund information (€)

    As soon as the containers for reimbursement arrive at our facilities and have previously checked their condition, we will proceed to reimburse the amount of € 0.50 per container collected.

    Bank transferPaypalCredit card

    For payments by bank transfer this amount will be credited to your account. Provide us with your bank details so that we can send it to you.

    For Paypal payments the money will be returned to your Paypal account.

    For payments by credit card the amount will be returned to your card.

    **Información sobre el reembolso en cupón descuento

    If you wish, you can request said refund in the form of a voucher to redeem in your next purchase in the ONLINE store. As soon as the return arrives at our facilities and has passed prior verification of their status, we will proceed to send you within a maximum period of 5 days by WhatsApp the purchase voucher for the amount corresponding to the number of containers collected.