Marie Claire

The sisters Ana and Vicky Ribalta, founders of the brand together with the engineer Agustín Vilar, learned as girls the importance of protecting the environment thanks to her father.

Our father insisted that “the greatest favor you can do to the planet and to yourself is to reuse more and produce less”. And that’s how, since they broke last year in the national and European market, the Ribalta sisters remain committed with his father’s legacy in his fight against plastic and the defense of consumption sustainable eco-friendly. The containers of its products are always returnable aluminum.

RRR’s name?

It comes from Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. By reusing the packaging we managed to reduce the impact on the carbon footprint by 96%.

What obstacles have you had to face?

For example, to mobilize the user to return the container. It is a custom that our parents had to return the shells of soft drinks and beers that we must recover.

How do you see the situation of sustainable cosmetics in Spain?

There are excellent initiatives, however, greenwashing is also proliferating and this delays the sector from taking off.